So, what do you expect from life?

Would you like some things to change? Would you like to wake some people up? Would you like to know about freedom? Would you like some people to just fucking lighten up?

I’m one of those known as Motspur. What you need to know about me is that I am a number of things. A person. An artist. An animal on this planet, as are we all.

We have the desire & intention to change things. Primarily the way people think. There are many problems in our world, and in our society. The first and foremost place we should be combatting these problems is in minds – our own and each others’ minds. How do we plan to do this? Through changing things that people see everyday. Perhaps in just a little way, perhaps in a big way. Through the following: Surprise. Shock. Anger. Love. Arousal. Laughter!

To that end, this blog will serve to detail the projects we are undertaking as part of our previously expressed intentions, and to provide an easy link to those who wish to assist.

Welcome, everyone. This blog is in process of being set up at the moment, and I hope you will keep an eye on it as it improves… I think there will be some very interesting content to come.  Commenting & discussion is highly encouraged, whether or not you agree with our sentiments.

If you want to know more… see the links at the top of the page. Motspur for more on us. Targets for more on what we stand for. Read the posts below for all the juicy details, discussion of issues, planning of projects. The other pages for inspiration.

I look forward to working with you. Or against you. But always for you.



4 responses to “So, what do you expect from life?

  1. thenaturallawyer

    I love this post. “The first and foremost place we should be combatting these problems is in minds – our own and each others’ minds.” Excellent stuff. I wish more people thought this way (thinking, what a novel concept!). Your post is evidence of the foundation of education: curiosity.

    Let me know what you find useful in setting up your blog. I just started mine about a month ago ( It’s all new to me, but like you, I hope to get a discussion going, with disagreement and everything.

  2. Thankyou so much. Yes, curiosity is vital! I must post about that specifically sometime.

    I took a look at your blog – my only complaint so far would be that the writing is tiny!! I’m wearing my reading glasses and I’m still having trouble reading it. It’s tinier in one post than another, and in another the quoted text is yet again smaller, so it may have something to do with where you are copy-pasting your quotes from. To avoid copy-pasting formatting as well as the text, first paste it into Notepad or TextEdit or whatever plain text program your computer has (not Word) then copy past again onto your blog. And, after posting, I always view my blog to make sure it is readable and all my formatting worked, etc. 🙂

    Other than that… I like the Widgets, especially just the Text widget… if you see anything on my blog and want to know how I did it, just ask!

    I look forward to discussing with you 🙂


  3. thenaturallawyer

    So where did you go?

  4. My alter ego’s life kind of got in the way. I promise I will reply to your comments sometime!! 🙂

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