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Discussion: Same-sex couples’ rights

I find myself thinking, at beginning this post, that everything has pretty much been said on this topic, so here, briefly, are what I believe are the most important points:

– Love is something the world needs more of, not less. Duh.

– Marriage is no longer a religious institution, and I don’t think many gay couples will want to get married in a church, so get over it. If you wish to have the law ban homosexual marriage on the basis that it’s against your religion, don’t you think we must also forbid atheists from getting married? If a relationship is to create offspring, shall we also ban infertile couples and post-menopausal women from having relationships? If you’re worried about protecting the “sanctity of marriage”, well I’m sorry, but Ms. Britney Spears & Co. fucked that over long ago.

And the biggest, most important, and most obvious point here:

“What does it really matter if two gay people want to get married? How is it hurting you? Really? Grow up.

Badly-quoted quote from the amazing Miss Miriam Margolyes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is really the heart of the matter… grow up. Realise some people are different to you, and that they don’t want to hurt you or attack your way of life. They just want to be free to love who they love and not be persecuted for it or discriminated against. Be mature, get a life, stop bitching about shit that doesn’t matter. Grow up, live and let live.