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Discussion: Conservatism

Let us discuss conservatism – people who openly state they are “Conservative” and hold to that political standpoint, no matter what.

Statement from our “Targets” page:

– Being conservative should never be something to be proud of. It should be something to avoid. Conservatism is anti-progress, anti-evolution, anti-intelligence. It is complete BULLSHIT. If everyone in history had been conservative and so unreasonably attached to the past, many great things would never have happened. Very little would ever have changed.

To elaborate; consider if no white man had ever been radical, if every white man had been conservative. No one would have stood up for the rights of the black slaves, and slavery would not have ended. This is a slightly lame example, but do you see what I mean? We need CHANGE. Our values and laws must constantly change to adapt to our changing society & way of life. If nothing CHANGES, we will live in the past. The laws and values of the past are not always valid & useful for the PRESENT. To have CHANGE in our laws and our societies, we must have CHANGE in the minds of its people. We must have radicals, we must have those who are willing to CHALLENGE outdated beliefs & practices.

Ideally, we must have no one who is conservative. Every person should always be striving for ways to change things for the better. Every person should be striving for new ways to do things (science is wonderful), new ways to behave, new ways to THINK, which will further our movement, our evolution, and our technological & spiritual advancements.

When in history has anything monumental in any field been achieved by a conservative-minded person in that field? Radicalism is progress. New ideas are progress. Thinking outside the box is progress. Remember this.


P.S:  I leave you with a quote from the great Utah Phillips:

“”Shopped around for a party….   Well, I looked at the Republicans… decided that talking to a conservative is a bit like talking to your refrigerator… you know, the light goes on, the light goes off, but it’s not going to do anything that isn’t built into it.”