These are the things that need to be changed, destroyed, or created, and statements of what Project Motspur stands for.  Suggestions welcome.

In no particular order:

– Being conservative should never be something to be proud of. It should be something to avoid. Conservatism is anti-progress, anti-evolution, anti-intelligence.  It is complete BULLSHIT.  If everyone in history had been conservative and so unreasonably attached to the past, many great things would never have happened.  Very little would ever have changed.
– People must question authority and the “given truths” which they see each day.

– Education, as well as society at large, needs to reward excellence, rather than encouraging mediocrity. Red ink and low marks are not to be removed. Failing must be allowed.
– “I.Q” and other such bollocks need to be abolished. People must realise that intelligence can be measured in many more ways than vocabulary, problem-solving, and mathematics.
– School uniforms must allow for expression of individuality. i.e; a basic set of required clothes is acceptable, but one should be able to do what one wishes with one’s hair, jewellery, etcetera.
– Young people must be recognised as human beings with valid opinions, thoughts, and ideas. They must be listened to and respected. They must be given rights over their property, and their own lives, and given their own choice over where to live and who to live with. A lot of the time they are a damn sight more observant & smart than us adults, we should listen to them from time to time.

– We must free ourselves from the “state of fear” which our governments & media hold us in.  We are terrified of everything – terrorists, muggers, global warming, paedophiles, GERMS, for fuck’s sake.  We must realise that while these are genuine threats, they are used & overinflated by the powers that be to manipulate us, to keep us quiet, obedient.
– Instead of offering such inane plans as “superannuation”, we should teach people how to properly manage their own damn money, so that we can give them their money at the time they earn it, and they can save it or spend it as they see fit. If they cannot support themselves in their old age due to stupidity earlier on, the government has no obligation to support them. STUPIDITY MUST NOT BE REWARDED. If people have not worked for something, they should not get it. This will encourage intelligence & hard work, and we will evolve, rather than stagnating and falling behind as we use all our resources supporting the weak, the idiots, and the lazy.
– The evolution of independent thought must be encouraged and bred.
– There must be NO CENSORSHIP.

Religion must be abolished, spirituality and faith must be celebrated. Religion is an outdated institution which once served a purpose but which is now redundant and
anti-progressive. Spirituality and faith are separate to religion, and are healthy methods of self-expression and pursuing a journey, retaining hope in life. Everyone must learn to distinguish these differences.
Ethical and moral decisions should not be made for people by a government. Issues such as abortion, for example, will always be hotly debated. Laws should not be made to decide for people their own personal moral & ethical issues. As such, abortion should be legal for those who want it, and those who do not want it should not have it.  Regardless of whether abortion is right or wrong, it is not a decision that should be made for anybody by another person.

– Love must be celebrated and encouraged. All people should have love and compassion for their fellow beings.
– Sexuality must be neither hidden nor celebrated but simply accepted. It must be accepted by all people that all people, man, woman, and child, are sexual creatures, and always have been, and that there is nothing wrong or dirty about it.  We must not hide it, speak of it in hushed tones, or exotify it (which breeds perversions such as paedophilia.)
– All people should strive to learn, and know that they will never know everything, or even a minute fraction of it.
– Optimism is infinitely more useful than pessimism.


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