So, what do you expect from life?

Would you like some things to change? Would you like to wake some people up? Would you like to know about freedom? Would you like some people to just fucking lighten up?

I’m one of those known as Motspur. What you need to know about me is that I am a number of things. A person. An artist. An animal on this planet, as are we all.

We have the desire & intention to change things. Primarily the way people think. There are many problems in our world, and in our society. The first and foremost place we should be combatting these problems is in minds – our own and each others’ minds. How do we plan to do this? Through changing things that people see everyday. Perhaps in just a little way, perhaps in a big way. Through the following: Surprise. Shock. Anger. Love. Arousal. Laughter!

To that end, this blog will serve to detail the projects we are undertaking as part of our previously expressed intentions, and to provide an easy link to those who wish to assist.

Welcome, everyone. This blog is in process of being set up at the moment, and I hope you will keep an eye on it as it improves… I think there will be some very interesting content to come.  Commenting & discussion is highly encouraged, whether or not you agree with our sentiments.

If you want to know more… see the links at the top of the page. Motspur for more on us. Targets for more on what we stand for. Read the posts below for all the juicy details, discussion of issues, planning of projects. The other pages for inspiration.

I look forward to working with you. Or against you. But always for you.



How to Smile: by Yoko Ono

I told you to smile when you are feeling down.
However, there are steps you should know.

First you go to the mirror and smile to the mirror in anyway you can.
You probably will not feel any different.
Smile a few times that way.

If that is not enough, smile a few times every morning when you see the mirror.
That won’t do much, either, right?
Because there is a way to smile and change not only your mood, but make your body healthy and young, and change your life for the better!

1) Smile just by twisting the ends of your mouth up.
That doesn’t get you anywhere, I bet.
But that’s a start.

2) Smile with your eyes and mouth.
That’s better.
Your smile will make somebody feel good, maybe.

Add a little giggle, and they will either think you’re crazy or like you for it.

3) If you really want to smile so it will make yourself feel good as well –
you have to smile from your heart and your lungs.

Don’t worry, if you are ending the smile with a quiet sound like ummm.

4) The next step will make you feel still better.
Smile from your solar plexus.
This has an added benefit of making your solar plexus healthier, and active.

5) The next step is to smile right down from your stomach.
When you do this, make sure to breathe deeply and pull your stomach muscles in as you smile.

6) The next step – yes, there are more steps! – you should smile from your knees.
Again, ju st pull your knees in – as you pull your stomach in.
At the same time you use your lungs, heart and solar plexus.

You’ll see that by then, you are smililng with your whole body.
You won’t forget to smile with your eyes and mouth at the same time.
It will happen anyway.

That’s how you will get the true benefit of smiling.
How about giving a smile to others?
Should we forget that?

Don’t worry.
They’ll notice your smile.
Only, this time, you’ll feel good, too.
Very, very good!

I love you! yoko

Yoko Ono
24 July 2009

Movements: A very important post.

Don’t be put off by how long this post is. Just read the first part, the second part is specifically about me and less important. But I think the first part is important, it’s about everyone.


I walked through Hobart this morning listening to some beautiful music on my iPod. It was making me truly happy, despite the cloudy rainy cold morning, so I decided to share it and smiled at all the strangers passing me by.

The reactions are mixed when you smile at strangers, and are at the same time gladdening, saddening, and entertaining.

Some people ignore you completely, look away on purpose, do everything possible to avoid eye contact… especially if they’ve seen you smiling at someone else first, then obviously they don’t know you, you’re just some weirdo. (Smiling? Who does that? Really?!)

Some people look as though they’re a bit embarrassed, because of course no one smiles at strangers, so they must know you from somewhere… but they can’t think where… so they give you the awkward, grimacing smile of someone who obviously doesn’t want to be rude for not smiling at someone they know… but they have no clue who you are. These ones are pretty funny to witness. I wonder if they spend the next fifteen minutes wondering frantically who I am. The child of a friend? An ex-coworker? Did they sleep with me last Friday when they got so trashed they didn’t remember it the next day??

Then there are some people who know they don’t know you, but they thankfully acknowledge your existence. They might spend a brief moment panicking about whether they know you, but smile anyway when they realise they don’t, in which case you only catch a glimpse of their smile at the last minute as they pass you. These are bittersweet smiles.

Some people might smile at you because they feel a compulsion to return a smile when smiled at – you’re obviously giving them a smile, so they feel guilty if they don’t smile back. Two steps on they might look back at you because they’re curious about this total freak who smiled at them.

From pretending you don’t exist, to avoiding eye contact with the weirdo, to oh-shit-do-I-know-them half-smiles, to last-minute grins, to guilty grimaces, it is fascinating to see the variety of reactions you get when you smile at strangers.

I haven’t yet received a smile at full-wattage from another person who knows I’m a stranger but doesn’t care. When I do, I’ll let you know. Maybe you can help me out here and make it you.

The more you smile, the more you want to smile. It’s a positive cycle. Try it sometime. Just try smiling as you walk down the street. To increase your confidence, you can try it at first while listening to music, so people don’t think you’re too weird, because you’re smiling about something you’re listening to instead of nothing in particular. Or if you’re really shy, pretend that you’re reading a sweet text message on your phone from someone who loves you. Gradually work your way up to unabashed sharing of joy, making eye contact, saying “Hi. I don’t know you, but I think you deserve some joy in your day.”

Rainy days can often be the most effective days to give a smile. The contrast between the light on your face and the grey around you makes it all the more effective, and people are more likely to be thankful for the pick-me-up. Then again, on sunny days people may be more open to being smiled at, and more likely to smile back.

Some days it will seem easy to do. Some days it will seem impossible.


I am a strange kind of creature who has a different social experience every day, because my moods swing so harshly that I feel like a different person every day.

Sometimes I have a lot of difficulty with social situations. I find it incredibly difficult to make small talk and will avoid having to, at any cost. If people come to my house when I feel this way, or I have to visit others’ houses, I feel so uncomfortable & anxious about social contact that I often hide in another room, under any pretence I can think of, to the point of rudeness, because I feel ridiculously terrified. If forced into social contact I will often become snippy & rude. When faced with strangers walking past me on the street, I will cast my eyes downwards and avoid eye contact at all costs.

It becomes even more terrifying at my school/workplace. The people passing me in the corridors are much more likely to actually be people I know. Often I don’t know them all that well. I don’t know whether they like me or not. I don’t know whether they want to be smiled at or not. Will they think I’m rude if I don’t? Will they think I’m weird if I do? How well do you have to know someone before it’s acceptable to smile at them in the corridor? Once I smile, do I have to say “Hi”? Is that then required to be followed with the obligatory “How are you?” Should we even bother, seeing as in two seconds we will have passed each other and continued in opposite directions, making the confused reply of “eeerRRRyeahgoodmff” even more incredibly awkward?

This may sound like I’m trying to describe myself as having Asperger’s Syndrome or some other form of autism/social disorder, but the reality is I am certainly not in a minority by any stretch of the imagination. Most of you reading this will be familiar with these kind of feelings at some level. We are all faced with this kind of social anxiety, which is a result of the society we live in, the new ways we are connecting and the new ways in which we are rapidly disconnecting from each other.

This problem is obvious here in cheerful, smalltown Hobart – I imagine the problem must be thousandfold more serious in big cities. New York. Los Angeles. London. In a huge city, surrounded by people, I think individuals are feeling more alone & disconnected than ever.

The only way this will ever change is by us – individuals – changing the way we think, and taking the brave step to connect with other people. The internet is an amazing & wonderful tool, and I love the possibilities it creates for connection (have you guys seen Ustream? I played music on there the other day to an audience of 10 people I knew and 10 people I didn’t know. Truly fascinating & inspiring!) But the negative side of all this new technology is that people are communicating more and more this way, and forgetting how to connect with someone sitting next to them at the bus stop.

On a good day, when I am feeling peaceful, when the music is just right, I smile at everyone. I say hello to EVERYONE at my work/school/whatever, because even if I don’t know them, I would like to! I show an interest in everyone and how they are doing, because I am genuinely interested, and I know it makes people happy to know it. Small talk isn’t even necessary, because I start making stupid jokes, asking questions, and conversation happens naturally, and the person I’m talking to starts to smile. I sing walking down the street, and if I see something beautiful, I stop to look. I want to share the way I feel.

Have you noticed how people will stand up on a half-full bus/train/tram, despite there being free seats everywhere? It’s baffling. But I know why. We’re all freaking terrified of each other.

We are so mind-numblingly scared of what other people think of us. What other people think of themselves. What other people are thinking. Whether they have germs. Whether they’re weirdos. Whether WE are weirdos. Whether you can catch The Weird. Or The Germs. Or The Old. Or The Gay. Or The Ugly.

The only things that are truly contagious, people, are Fear and Joy. And you can CHOOSE. You can choose which to have, and which to spread.

It sounds corny. But the bare truth is, we desperately need to hear it. And live it. We have to start being comfortable with who we are – we’re all human, we all have the same fears and hopes. It’s okay. You can sit down next to someone else on the bus. You can smile at them. You can laugh about it if you fall over when the bus stops suddenly. You can whistle walking down the street. You can even sing. I promise you nothing terrible will happen. Odd looks are not the end of the world.


And once you start doing it, out of the twenty people that pass you & give you odd looks, one of them will be inspired. One of them might pass the smile you gave them on to another. One of them might decide the world isn’t such a harsh & terrifying place after all, because a stranger smile at them today! One of them might see that you’re not spontaneously combusting from doing something out of the ordinary, and they might work up the courage to do it themselves. And thus, one positive feeling leads to another, and maybe one day we’ll all be smiling.

Discussion: Youth Rights 1

Inspired by the recent edition of Splurgle, a ‘zine made and distributed by fellow Hobart movement-maker Georgie Chaos & friends, I’d like to talk about some issues surrounding the oppression of, and discrimination against, young people.  This is an interesting topic which I had not thought much about directly until reading Splurgle, but which I realised was something I had felt passionate about for my entire youth (technically I am an “adult” now, but whatever.  I’d like to think that even in adulthood I will fight for the rights of the youth, and not forget what it is like to be one of them…)  but I never had a name for it or realised that I was not alone.
There is rather a lot of content to discuss here, so I shall spread it out over several posts.


Discussion: Same-sex couples’ rights

I find myself thinking, at beginning this post, that everything has pretty much been said on this topic, so here, briefly, are what I believe are the most important points:

– Love is something the world needs more of, not less. Duh.

– Marriage is no longer a religious institution, and I don’t think many gay couples will want to get married in a church, so get over it. If you wish to have the law ban homosexual marriage on the basis that it’s against your religion, don’t you think we must also forbid atheists from getting married? If a relationship is to create offspring, shall we also ban infertile couples and post-menopausal women from having relationships? If you’re worried about protecting the “sanctity of marriage”, well I’m sorry, but Ms. Britney Spears & Co. fucked that over long ago.

And the biggest, most important, and most obvious point here:

“What does it really matter if two gay people want to get married? How is it hurting you? Really? Grow up.

Badly-quoted quote from the amazing Miss Miriam Margolyes. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is really the heart of the matter… grow up. Realise some people are different to you, and that they don’t want to hurt you or attack your way of life. They just want to be free to love who they love and not be persecuted for it or discriminated against. Be mature, get a life, stop bitching about shit that doesn’t matter. Grow up, live and let live.


Discussion: Conservatism

Let us discuss conservatism – people who openly state they are “Conservative” and hold to that political standpoint, no matter what.

Statement from our “Targets” page:

– Being conservative should never be something to be proud of. It should be something to avoid. Conservatism is anti-progress, anti-evolution, anti-intelligence. It is complete BULLSHIT. If everyone in history had been conservative and so unreasonably attached to the past, many great things would never have happened. Very little would ever have changed.

To elaborate; consider if no white man had ever been radical, if every white man had been conservative. No one would have stood up for the rights of the black slaves, and slavery would not have ended. This is a slightly lame example, but do you see what I mean? We need CHANGE. Our values and laws must constantly change to adapt to our changing society & way of life. If nothing CHANGES, we will live in the past. The laws and values of the past are not always valid & useful for the PRESENT. To have CHANGE in our laws and our societies, we must have CHANGE in the minds of its people. We must have radicals, we must have those who are willing to CHALLENGE outdated beliefs & practices.

Ideally, we must have no one who is conservative. Every person should always be striving for ways to change things for the better. Every person should be striving for new ways to do things (science is wonderful), new ways to behave, new ways to THINK, which will further our movement, our evolution, and our technological & spiritual advancements.

When in history has anything monumental in any field been achieved by a conservative-minded person in that field? Radicalism is progress. New ideas are progress. Thinking outside the box is progress. Remember this.


P.S:  I leave you with a quote from the great Utah Phillips:

“”Shopped around for a party….   Well, I looked at the Republicans… decided that talking to a conservative is a bit like talking to your refrigerator… you know, the light goes on, the light goes off, but it’s not going to do anything that isn’t built into it.”

The Cannon Canon

Oh my friends, Hobart is going to have something to look at one of these mornings.  I have a plan, but I daren’t reveal it here until it has been done, in case some Old People decide that We Can’t Have That.

Keep your eyes peeled around canons/cannons, Hobartians.


Found: Giant Tetris? I approve!

The artists, in a wanky sort of way, say this:

“There are grand implications of error here that lead to questions, such as who exactly has been playing Giant Tetris? What were they trying to do? Could I have done better? Is the city grid similar to a computer game or different? What brain-space am I in when I’m playing games on my computer? Is it more or less alert than when I’m waiting in line for a sandwich? The work seeks to challenge conceptions of the North end of Sydney’s CBD as an orderly, socially cold grid and beckons viewers to assess their own level of interaction, play and hacking within the city.”

Sure, the description is a little wanky and pretentious, but in the end, true.  My favourite part:

“What brain-space am I in when I’m playing games on my computer? Is it more or less alert than when I’m waiting in line for a sandwich?”

This is what we’re going for, people.

And besides, giant tetris is just really fucking cool.